Middlesex, New Jersey Mar 22, 2022 (Issuewire.com)  – FBI, Arrest Defendants’ Chief Justice Stuart J. Rabner, Judge Roger W. Daley, Judge Alberto Rivas, and Attorney Louis Lepore, Esq.

Marchisotto v Daley et al; 3:22-cv-01276; https://lnkd.in/gtpvEdeD

NJ Corrupt Courts has a CRIMINAL for Chief Justice, Stuart J. Rabner (Mafia Judge) running,, and in charge of the VERY BIAS, and VERY CORRUPT New Jersey State Courts.

I am writing this because it happens to be true.

I am formally pressing criminal charges against the “Mafia Judge” here on social media for criminally harassing both my family, and I. 

Defendant Chief Justice Stuart J. Rabner should resign, as I WILL NOT stop pursuing for federal criminal charges to be brought against him!

Judges are not above the law, and criminal charges need to be brought against him.

Law enforcement can arrest a judge. They are citizens like anyone else and if they break the law, they are subject to the same probable cause standards as any other citizen.

Justice Rabner is a “criminal who hides in plain site under a black robe of honor”.

Look at his buddy “Defendant Judge Roger W. Daley who is a retired judge who gets a nice New Jersey State pension.

Defendant Chief Justice Rabner recalled Retired Judge Daley, & extended his court assignments twice already, to allow him to double dip into the New Jersey State budget, and get double money.

Defendant Judge Roger Daley works in Middlesex County Superior Court that is plagued with corruption.

These Corrupt judges take “Bribes”, there have been others in “Middlesex County Superior Court” who made the news in the past. Defendant Judge Daley, and Defendant Judge Alberto Rivas are “Dirty Judges”, and a very serious “public safety” concern.

It’s the job of “the powers that be” to protect the public from criminals who hide in plain site whether under a black robe, or wearing a badge.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) needs to do their job, and open up an investigation into what I am writing here because it’s 100% accurate.

It’s the governor’s job is to appoint the State judges.

Defendant Governor Phil Murphy is not a leader, he’s a Wall Street guy.

There is no accountability here in New Jersey State when the governor is not even appointing the State judges.

Defendant Murphy has failed to do his job as New Jersey Governor (malfeasance causing damage), failing our State in having a competent leader.

I doubt Murphy even ‘FAIRLY’ won re-election…. But he can be removed for criminal malfeasance, and nonfeasance in public office.

Criminal Malfeasance is a comprehensive term used in both civil and Criminal Law to describe any act that is wrongful. Misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official that causes damage.

The definition of malfeasance is wrongdoing, especially by a public official. When a politician embezzles money, this is an example of malfeasance.

Another example is using the State Attorney General Office to cover up the criminal acts of State judges, State police, and other State officials which regularly goes on here in New Jersey…

Another example would be a retired State judge who gets a State pension being recalled by his Chief Justice buddy to double dip into the State budget to get double money…

I currently have two filed federal lawsuits against Defendant Governor Phil Murphy. In Marchisotto v. Malik, et al; https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/37701424/MARCHISOTTO_v_MALIK_et_al, Defendant Governor Murphy is stealing from the people of The State of New Jersey using his corrupt Attorney General Office to cover up his, and everyone’s else’s criminal acts, and official misconduct.

The New Jersey Office Of Attorney General has continuously taken part in covering up to protect the crimes, abuse, and official misconduct of State police, State judiciary, State prosecutors, and other State officials, and employees. This is what you call a “BROKEN STATE SYSTEM”, where there is “NO ACCOUNTABILITY”! A broken state system is complete “FAILURE OF STATE GOVERNMENT”!

New Jersey Office Of Attorney General is in desperate need of a shake up, change, and to be investigated by Federal Law Enforcement, and “Other Powers That Be”. The people of New Jersey deserve better.

The only thing New Jersey Office Of Attorney General does is provide their Deputy Attorney General Minions to represent all of the state defendants who are sued for violating their oath of office to help coverup their crimes.

This purports a very bad public image when you have State officials who get free lawyers at the tax payers expense, who in return will continue to abuse their positions, authority, commit crimes, and violate their oath of office again, and again, against the rights of the people of this great state. This is also clearly a “conflict of interest” when New Jersey Office Of Attorney General should be investigating these complaints against these state officials, not providing them free lawyers to cover up what they did.

There is no accountable for State Officials here in New Jersey who don’t care if they are sued because they know that get free lawyers from the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office. “New Jersey Office Of Attorney General job is not to cover up and protect the crimes, abuse, and official misconduct of State police, State judiciary, State prosecutors, and other State officials, and employees”.

Defendant Governor Murphy appointed the last three Attorney Generals here in New Jersey to help his administration cover up crimes, and official misconduct committed by State employees. This is to falsely make it appear like Murphy (who is not a leader) is doing a good job for the people our state. 





NJ Corrupt Courts Crime Family Criminals That Hide In Plain Sight

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