The ID Guard Offline team announced that their offline password manager app supports MYKI data import, and reminds MYKI users to be aware of the export bugs that may cause data loss.

The ID Guard Offline team announced that their offline password manager app ID Guard Offline has fully supported importing MYKI data, including Passwords, 2FAs, Payment Cards, Secure Notes, ID Cards, Identities, and so on. Its great import support can help MYKI users migrate data more conveniently.

The team emphasized that ID Guard Offline is probably the only password manager with perfect data import support for MYKI. They have perfectly solved the problem that MYKI users have discussed on the Reddit community: many password managers do not well support importing 2FA. They also wrote a blog to show this work.

“It’s only 5 steps to import MYKI data to ID Guard Offline,” said the team’s product manager Aria Chair. “All the imported data will be clearly shown on the main page of the app with Tags categories.”

“When developing the import feature, we found that some data like pictures, special characters, etc, may not be imported to ID Guard Offline due to the bugs of MYKI CSV. file” said Aria. “MYKI users should be aware of data loss and contact the MYKI team to help fix the bugs before they shut down.”

About ID Guard Offline

ID Guard Offline is a true offline password manager app with high-level security designs. All the data stored in it are encrypted by the phone security chip and can’t be uploaded to the cloud secretly. Its team is committed to researching and developing new security technologies to help users protect their data and privacy.

ID Guard Offline has lots of great features like Secure Desktop Browser Filling, Save and fill 2FA, Autofill Phishing Detection, and so on. It supports iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Edge. Please view the website to learn more about it: