The rapid developments in AI and Robotics may allow us a peek into the future. However, a tale of brotherly and unconventional love between a human, and a biomechanical creation, thrusts us into the front door of a new revolution. Sharon Pepper introduces “Jeremy Q. Taylor and the Cyborg in the Cellar.”


What sets humans apart from cyborgs? Sharon attempts to answer this as she lets us in on the lives of the Taylors.


When Jeremy, 16, lost his mother, he was distraught and despondent. Jeremy was left with a sad heart and an inability to cope with the situation as well as his father would have liked. To help his son, Bob Taylor, a scientist at Human-istic Ltd., a company committed to the creation of robots for all walks of life, created the cyborg, Addison. Bob wants Addison to become Jeremy’s big brother and help him get over the death of her mother. However, Addison was near-perfect. He possessed the physical appearance of a Greek god and a supercomputer-like brain. So, instead of being happy, Jeremy only feels jealousy toward Addison. But, with persistence and stubbornness, Addison finally wins the heart of his brother.


But, when things started to look up, greed finds its way to break up the siblings. The Taylors have to overcome the threats of a greedy entrepreneur as he tries to capture Addison for commercial reproduction.


Will the Taylors be able to survive the dangers brought by greed, power, and money?


Learn about a story of familial love that transcends species and science’s potential to heal or destroy. Join Pepper and the Taylors on their adventure.


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Jeremy Q. Taylor and the Cyborg in the Cellar

Author: Sharon Pepper

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: September 2021

Book Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy


About the Author:

Sharon grew up in Yorktown Heights, New York, with two rambunctious siblings. What did she like to do as a child? “I absolutely loved to read…and always had a book in my hands. Writing is and has been fun for me, and it’s been a great creative outlet. Before I start to write, I like to ask questions of myself. For instance, for this book, my main question to be answered was, ‘What does it mean to be human? Is it just our DNA, or is there something more?’” Readers will find out, in the end.

Sharon’s professional background includes the marketing, sales, and administration of educational programs/services and materials.

Her education includes an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. Additionally, she achieved her MBA from Cal State East Bay, California.