Bluefy web Bluetooth Browser is a product by PNN Soft. PNN Soft is a Ukrainian development company with 20 years of experience. Bluefy developers regularly carry out updates to improve the process of the application. It is expected that the new updates will lead to a more efficient and reliable solution to tasks.

Bluefy is a brand new internet browser that supports the Bluetooth web standard. Firstly, it allows sites to interact with BLE peripherals. Secondly, it can be considered as a browser for searching the Internet. Also, use it as a tool for developers.

Currently, Bluetooth is developing its new standards that will allow a web browser to control nearby Bluetooth devices. Web Bluetooth is already part of the Chrome browser. Also, Web Bluetooth is a reliable connection to the Internet of Things. It allows developers to create a single solution that will work on all devices. Until the advent of Web Bluetooth, users could only interact with Bluetooth devices through native apps. Interaction through browsers is a key part of the physical web that adds many possibilities for device interaction.

The development team of the Bluefy Web Browser already has successful experience in the IT market, in particular modern technologies. Thanks to the availability of modern tools and an effective business model, Bluefy Browser provides an alternative to native applications for Bluetooth devices. For two years on the market, there have been a lot of functions that the user can use in the app. The browser boasts a pleasant appearance and stability in the application. Based on many years of experience, the BLE Web browser has significant potential for future development.

Bluefy can support multiple devices at the same time. The application functions reliably and is stable in use. The web pages must be adapted to support the device and have a secure connection. A good internet connection is one of the important components for a fast download. Thanks to our solutions, devices do not conflict. Therefore, the application does not limit the user to the number of connected devices. Bluefy can also be used by users without experience. It opens the way to the development of new solutions and provides an opportunity to practice and create demo solutions.

Bluefy developers have implemented advanced features that make the application reliable and secure. Advantages that Bluefy Web Browser includes:

Fast Bluetooth Web connection;

Intuitive interface;

High level of security (HTTPS);

Modern application design;

Speed of device pairing;

Tools to ensure the confidentiality of user data;

Using the Web Bluetooth API;

Free download and low device battery consumption;

The possibility of improving the user experience.

What new features to expect from the Bluefy update

Download manager. This is a standard feature with which the user will be able to view their downloads and select folders to save downloads

Data Saving mode. The user will be able to safely save data when using mobile data.

Full-screen mode. This feature will provide opportunities for both users and developers. Imitate the behavior of PWA using the fullscreen function

Firebase logger. This feature provided by the developers improves the protection, reporting, and monitoring of non-fatal problems.

Home screen revamp. Improved design changes to enhance user experience.

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