European and Swiss banks and brokers added to the pool of institutions available for connection

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Mar 1, 2022 (  – Exirio, the wealth and portfolio tracking app, has announced the expansion of its pool of financial institutions available for connection and synchronization. In addition to over 10,000 banks and brokers in North America, as well as dozens of crypto exchanges, users can now connect with an ever-larger number of European and Swiss institutions, thanks to the partnership with Flanks, a Spain-based Wealth Tech B2B services platform. 

Exirio makes users’ lives easier by monitoring and tracking their wealth and investment portfolios. Gone are the days of complicated and time-consuming spreadsheets.  The app aggregates all of a user’s wealth in one place and gives valuable information on their investment performance. 

David Martinez de Lecea, CEO of Exirio, co-founded the company in 2020 with a clear objective in mind: “Exirio gives everyone the ability to understand their wealth better, and make data-based investment decisions on the path towards financial freedom”.

Exirio allows users to track any investment or liability, in dozens of different currencies. Unlike other apps, it tracks the full investment history and performance of every asset added on the platform, not just their current value. Exirio is packed with additional features for convenience and peace of mind.

Users can upload all documents relating to their wealth (1GB space is offered to any registered account) and third-party access (view, edit, or emergency access) can be conveniently granted to trusted individuals –  family members or investment advisors. In addition, data can be uploaded in bulk via CSV files, including Airbnb-generated CSVs for real estate owners renting their properties on the popular online rental marketplace.

Exirio is free to use, available on desktop, iOS, and Android, and a demo account is offered without any registration. 

Exirio uses AWS data centers located in London (UK). Please click here to review Exirio’s security policy.

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