ABC Balancing Beads offers an innovative solution for completely balancing any vehicle’s tires. They’ve included memory technology into their fiber glass beads, which makes them a more efficient and effective balancing solution than methods.

For years, ABC Balancing Beads has been providing citizens of Oregon with innovative solutions for their vehicles. Their products’ high quality and effectiveness have given them national and international recognition.

Whether it’s a four-wheeled vehicle or a motorcycle, their innovative balancing beads provide the efficiency and effectiveness that no other balancing method does. This is thanks to the memory technology developed and inserted into each of these tempered glass beads.

Unlike the traditional balancing method, ABC balancing beads keep the wheel stabilized at all times, even when the vehicle is at a stop. These beads also offer a complete axle balance, while traditional balancing only stabilizes half the wheel axle. This can put both the driver and vehicle at risk at high speeds.

Unlike other beads you’ll find in the market, ABC balancing beads are specially coated with tempered glass to repel moisture and avoid clumping inside the tire. They’re extremely simple to install, and anyone can do it without even having to remove the tire from the vehicle.

Owning or managing a bus fleet can make the budgeting task a real nightmare. Repairs, replacements, maintenance, and fuel costs are the ones that usually spike up those numbers. Luckily, ABC Balancing Beads also offers Balancing Beads for Coach Buses.

Replacing the traditional balancing method with these beads is cost and fuel-efficient. The memory technology’s correct stabilization makes the tires have an even treadwear. This will not only reduce maintenance and replacement costs but also extend the life of the wheel and tire.

An imbalanced vehicle can consume up to 10 times more fuel than a perfectly balanced one. ABC balancing beads show positive changes in fuel efficiency since the first week of usage. Costs will decrease while tire, machinery, and fuel efficiency go up.

Even though balancing beads is the star product of ABC Balancing Beads, they have also developed a practical oil spill solution for drivers, workshop owners, or fleet managers. Their industrial absorbent is 100% organic and can clean even the hardest spills such as solvents, gasoline, motor oil, and brake fluids.

Bus fleet managers workshop and vehicle owners looking to reduce costs with a practical and innovative solution can contact ABC Balancing Beads at 518-625-8475 or through their website Special prices are available for wholesale purchases.

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