With a successful public launch February 12th, 2022, let’s take a look and see how Hmrn token will disrupt the conventional real estate investing models available. How will Homerun Token offer investors exposure to real estate in both the physical world and the virtual one? And why should real estate and/or crypto investors consider purchasing some while charts show it in an accumulation phase? Let’s take a closer look at this exciting new project to determine whether Homerun Token is a good fit for a real estate/crypto investors portfolio.

An Introduction to Homerun Token

Homerun is a real estate investment multi-chain token, that has launched an innovative way to invest into real estate investment token without any of its typical headaches associated with real estate. With only 2% of worldwide investors currently utilizing digital currencies as part of their investment portfolio, there is tremendous potential for additional market share. Homerun is bridging that gap throughtheir industry first platform which enables easy access to participate in real estate investment profits with cryptocurrency.

Why Invest in a Real Estate Investment Token?

With its explosive growth, blockchain technology is ushering in a new era of investing and giving the power back to the people. Distributed ledgers have made possible secure peer-to-peer transactions, whether as simple as payment for goods or as complex as a multi-signature deal backed by multiple sources of capital. The physical world and virtual reality will increasingly become one.

What Makes Homerun Different from other REITs?

Homerun Token hasn’t found many real estate investment tokens currently available, but the few that do exist are over complicated for the average investor with many hoops to jump through in order to purchase and/or see profits. While there are not any “Hybrid” models currently available that mix physical real estate and metaverse assets, Homerun focuses on the use of both physical and digital worlds to generate revenue, Homerun has truly set itself apart from competitors through this unique model and first to market advantage in the space.

From Reflections to Staking–How Does this Work?

The ever increasing popularity in blockchain token acquisitions are reflections, which allows investors to buy into a share of a blockchain asset and earn a “reflection” from every trade of that particular token. 2% of every purchase of Homerun Token will be distributed to anyone holding Homerun tokens. 4% of each purchase will go into the Real Estate Wallet, used to purchase both physical properties and Metaverse properties. The proceeds (profits after expenses) from these properties will be shared with members of the community that choose to stake their tokens.

The Future of Blockchain Technology & Real Estate Investing

The world of blockchain technology is only beginning to come into fruition, but early investors are already reaping enormous benefits. As 2017 came to a close, it was reported that initial coin offerings raised $4 billion USD in funding for various blockchain companies and platforms. The amount of money being thrown around for future projects has helped spur investor interest in blockchain as an emerging tech trend that isn’t going away anytime soon.

How Will Staking Benefit My Earnings as an Investor?

The more real estate that is acquired by Homerun, the more valuable Homerun Tokens become, in theory. Real estate prices historically have increased in value. So as values/rents go up, based on history, holders of real estate or real estate investment tokens, should continue to increase in value. During the initial growth period, there is a close relationship between token value and staking rewards. 100% of all rental profits (after all expenses) will go back to the long term holders who have chosen to stake their tokens for rental profit rewards.

Charity Wallet For Housing For Veterans & Others

One of the most fascinating and attention grabbing objectives on Homerun’s roadmap is their Charity Wallet. They have set aside a wallet designated only for use towards charitable contributions to help Veterans and those in need with housing. The charity wallet will never be sold, but will continue to incur a portion of the “reflections” and “staking” rewards, which will then be used to purchase homes for Veterans and others in need.


This project certainly has brought a much needed disruption to the real estate space and added something of “value” to a space filled with “meme tokens” offering no real value to investors. With 100% of the rental profits being distributed to the holders staking their tokens, this especially sets this project apart. The charity wallet is a great goal to see on the roadmap as well. This project has a bright future for doing well long term and being a good play for both short term investors and long term holders. As always, this isn’t financial advice and investors need to do their own research. Cryptocurrency investments are risky, just as any investment is.

Homerun Token: Website

Currently trading on Pancakeswap, token address: 0xa1b57b528caa42cdf4dbcf48f4eeea29470db3b6

CoinGecko Listing: Homerun Token

Homerun Token

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