Recognizing the technological milestones achieved by Shufti Pro in the field of RegTech, the global identity verification service provider has been nominated in the upcoming RegTech Insight Awards Europe – 2022. Acknowledging the efforts of Shufti Pro in utilizing AI to solve modern-day financial and regulatory challenges, the company is selected in the category of “Best Solution for Managing Financial Crime.” Nomination in this category is a nod to the top-of-the-line IDV services offered by Shufti Pro that has enabled businesses across various industries to reliably onboard authentic clientele.

Regtech awards are organized by A-Team Insights to honor the industry leaders and upcoming players of the financial, regulatory, and technological fields that positively impact the global financial sector by providing RegTech solutions. Shufti Pro, an AI-powered KYC/AML service provider, has been catering to the IDV needs of 500+ customers worldwide since its inception in 2017.

You can show your support for Shufti Pro by voting in Category 23 (Best Solution for Managing Financial Crime) at the provided link. You can cast your vote in favor of Shufti Pro until Friday 18th March 2022 at 5 pm UK, while the winners will be announced on Wednesday 18th May 2022.

Expressing his thoughts at being nominated CEO of Shufti Pro Victor Fredung said, “We are glad to be shortlisted for the RegTech Insight Awards 2022. In a world where online scams are skyrocketing and regulators are penalizing businesses for their lackluster defense against these scammers, providing automated and configurable RegTech solutions is a top priority of Shufti Pro. This nomination has motivated team Shufti Pro to strive even harder towards delivering seamless IDVV solutions to our global customers.”

Shufti Pro was recently named on the list of the World’s 100 Most Innovative CyberTech Companies for Financial Services and also won two awards at the Global Banking and Finance Awards 2021. Last year, Shufti Pro won Global Excellence Award for outstanding KYC/AML products. The company has also bagged the Best in Biz award for providing top-quality consumer services.

About Shufti Pro

Globally renowned for its AI-powered identity verification solutions, Shufti Pro provides services to 230+ countries and territories. With the highest accuracy rate, its KYC and AML software supports 3000+ identity documents in 150+ languages to verify identities in just a few seconds. By staying compliant with the GDPR and global AML/KYC regulations, Shufti Pro eradicates threats of digital fraud in real-time.

Shufti Pro

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