So, the wait is going to be over tomorrow i.e on 28th February 2022. The app to be launched by RK Financial Services- Tradium, will allow users to monitor the performance of the stock market, provide access to trade online, manage portfolio easily and much much more.

“With Tradium, the investors or traders will be able to trade a wide range of financial products like derivatives, commodities, currencies, and equities” said the spokesperson of RKFS.

It will be a great app for investing and trading for the beginner as well as for the people already doing online trading. Thanks to Tradium, you will be allowed to start trading from your mobile devices wherever and whenever you want.The users will also be able to access thousands of markets, including indices, forex, and stocks with the best online trading app- Tradium.

Below we have listed some of the unbeatable features that Tradium will offer you:

• All the features and tools you need in an app to simply carry out trading

• Open, monitor, modify and close your positions with just a few clicks, wherever you are.

• Intuitive and easy to use;

• User friendly;

• Innovative.

To trade online in a smart way, today, it is essential to choose Tradium. It will allow you to trade in mobility, from a smartphone or tablet. This app will only take up a few megabytes of space on your device and will offer you a fast and free way to trade. By using Tradium, you can start trading safely without worrying about security or safety risks.

Why is it worth using Tradium for trading?

The first aspect is convenience: the ability to follow your trades at any time of the day or night. The app will be available on Google Play store for Android users and on App Store for Apple users. Tradium app will be extremely easy to use and available to everyone allowing you to manage your entire investment profile completely and it will only take a minimum deposit to start trading.

According to the experts of RKFS, “Tradium will offer a huge amount of investment and trading tools, which will guarantee you access to all the best markets, starting with stocks, ending with currencies, derivatives, and commodities.”

With this online trading app, it will be possible for users to follow the trend of the markets throughout the day, get rid of positions that are no longer profitable and convenient, or open new ones to hook positive trends that they would otherwise have lost.This will be an important advantage, especially if you like to operate on markets with certain volatility or if you are passionate about intraday trading, i.e. the possibility of opening and closing multiple positions throughout the day in search of optimal profit.

The Tradium App will therefore be perfect to be used both to operate directly on the markets and to monitor those positions that you had previously opened.Tradium will guarantee you quick access to the markets with a history of reliability, respect for the customer, and the required support. With this app, you will be able to have instant access to the markets, find out what it can really do for you by getting started right now!