Katahide has always been competitive and innovative when it comes to adopting and integrating technology into its business operations. Although the financial industry has begun to digitalize, there are still many goals to be met before the asset management company can fully transition to a digital platform, including services, products, trading and regulatory procedures.

Following in the footsteps of the world’s most important financial institutions, asset managers, and investment banks, the company has developed a unique concept that seeks to replicate a totally digital environment.

“The best way to tackle this fantastic concept, as recommended by our consultants and market specialists, is to do a parallel exercise. We will use a simulation of a completely digitalized world as a jumping off point for discussion so that our participants may consider all conceivable options for connecting the existing, partially digitalized environment to the simulation”, said Hoshino Eisako, Chief Financial Officer at Katahide.

Katahide.com has invited financial professionals from various areas of the finance industry, including asset managers, traders, executives, advisors, and administrative personnel. At the Forum have been invited experts from different locations, both locally and internationally. Once all participants have confirmed their attendance at the event, the specific venue and dates for the Forum will be made public.

About Katahide

Katahide offers institutional and individual clients a wide range of financial services and products. Our industry knowledge and business approach enable us to provide high-quality investment management and build long-term partnerships. We handle complete portfolio management by providing a variety of personalized solutions, such as volatile market portfolio management, dynamic hedging techniques, and other risk, profit, and benchmark-based alternatives. In addition, we create a variety of active, quantitative and index equity strategies, as well as fixed income investments along with other solutions that support investment returns. Private individuals, public and private sector funds, financial institutions, and major institutional investors are among our clientele.