Digital magazines are the future of publishing. Creating and distributing them has been made simpler by the superior digital magazine maker from FlipHTML5.

Digital magazines are the epitome of modern convenience. They’re affordable to create and distribute, incredibly versatile in terms of content, and eliminate the challenges of carrying physical magazines around. While creating a digital magazine may sound like a monumental task, it’s quite simple. All that’s needed is a quality digital magazine maker like FlipHTML5. It takes the guesswork out of the process and produces beautiful, media-rich digital magazines, all with very little effort and time.

The process starts with uploading a PDF version of the magazine to the digital magazine maker – FlipHTML5 offers both a desktop and online version. The PDF will automatically be converted to a web-friendly HTML5 flipbook. Then, there are various options for turning it into a stunning digital magazine with page-turning sound and effects. FlipHTML5 features numerous templates, themes, and backgrounds to beautify the appearance of any digital magazine.

Digital magazines created with FlipHTML5’s digital magazine maker are an improvement on traditional magazines when it comes to the type of content that can be included. Whereas printed magazines are limited to text and images, FlipHTML5 users can insert interactive multimedia in their magazines. Audio, video, animations, photo sliders, and hyperlinks all serve to enhance the reader’s experience, making the magazine more desirable.

Publishing and distribution are a breeze with this digital magazine maker. There are little to no logistics costs to consider, and paper-free magazines are better for the environment. Publishers can upload the magazines directly to the FlipHTML5 cloud or their own website. They can easily share the magazine via email or social media using the unique URL assigned to each magazine. The FlipHTML5 platform even offers a convenient bookcase for arranging and displaying multiple publications.

Persons who’re interested in selling their magazines can do so with the eCommerce feature of the digital magazine maker. FlipHTML5 charges no commission for selling publications on its platform. Users just need to add their PayPal account information, choose their settings, and start selling. All proceeds go directly to their specified PayPal account. There are even SEO options available to ensure the magazines can be found easily on search engines.

“Digital magazines are the future and our digital magazine maker is here to help everyone take advantage,” says Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5.

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