The developers of the pioneering Diagnostic Modality Interface Portal™ (DMIP™) welcomes expert in medical diagnostic imaging technologies, Dr Diego Gicovate, PhD, to CardioLyncs’ scientific advisory board.

JERUSALEMFeb. 27, 2022PRLog — CardioLync today announced that Doctor Diego Gicovate, PhD has joined its Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Gicovate, Director of Enterprise Imaging systems and Director of the Radiology Informatics Laboratory (R.I.L) at Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Centers in Jerusalem, is a pioneer in medical diagnostic imaging technologies and hospital workflow and medical information processes. In addition to managing Hadassah’s extensive suite of imaging technologies in the service of all of the hospital’s specialties, Dr. Gicovate continues to assist numerous other medical institutions in Israel, North America, South America, and Africa in planning and deploying their diagnostic imaging infrastructures.

Regarding CardioLync, Dr. Gicovate said ” Hospitals across the world continue to merge and consolidate creating bigger networks of dozens and sometimes hundreds of various diagnostic equipment with the legacy systems needed to interpret and report the data and to consolidate patient medical records.” In addition, “With dozens of belligerent hacking attempts to EMR systems daily, hospitals would expose themselves to enormous risk if they allow EDI sharing of in-house information with outside entities. Even with excellent initiatives like FHIR, online access to native diagnostic data especially images are a non-starter.”

Hadassah Hebrew-University Medical Center is recognized worldwide as a leader in specialty care, and receives requests for consultations on both a national and international level. CardioLync is in pilot with Hadassah medical professionals to access and interpret diagnostic data including native images, on studies performed and data generated outside of the Hadassah hospital ecosystem. The use of CardioLync’s systems are particularly crucial now in view of the increased need for telemedicine services given the challenges of the COVID 19 era that have alerted the world to the dual needs for out of hospital treatment and for providing care to chronic disease patients who may skip treatment for fear of exposure.

Jeremy Kagan, CEO of CardioLync said, ” CardioLync technology is changing the game by giving doctors the ability to access native diagnostic data and images across institutions without exposing the hospital IT suite to additional risk. The CardioLync team is thrilled to have a world expert in Medical Imaging Technologies like Dr. Gicovate join the team.  With Dr. Gicovate’s advice and experienced guidance, we will navigate issues that may crop up when working with medical institutions as we scale internationally. We have developed a patent pending interface technology that bypasses lengthy integration processes with hospital legacy systems.  The challenge ahead is to expand from cardiovascular to other areas of medicine that are supported by diagnostic imaging. Dr. Gicovate will help guide us to successful implementation more quickly.”

About CardioLync

CardioLync facilitates a unified view of a chronic disease patient’s condition across specialties, across hospitals, and across regions. CardioLync’s pioneering Diagnostic Modality Interface Portal (DMIP) is a web accessible secure software technology which enables fluent communication and native image access at the point of care among different medical specialists, imaging technicians, nurses, and patients; improving workflow efficiency and coordinated clinical decision making among these stakeholders; while engaging patients to more effectively manage their care.

CardioLync has graduated from the 4th cohort of Hadassah Accelerator powered by IBM alpha Zone amongst five selected Digital Health startups. During the 6-month program, CardioLync has been supported by and expanded its collaboration with Hadassah Medical Center and IBM, and continues so with a view to become a global leader in the space of diagnostic imaging and communication.

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