The Story of Clickin: A cute book with a humorous twist, unified by our fingertips, the great march of humanity Clickin types into the future, the act of clicking gives to us. Yes, keep Clickin, we all should be Clickin.

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“So sincerely, they even found a way to give Clickin a vacation.”

“In this day and age, where barely a word gets by without scrutiny. Oh did I say bare? Yes, I did, meaning that every word is scrutinized for one slant or another. And whoa, here comes Clickin,” says author Phila Vocia.

Clickin, without a race, creed, color, religion nor gender is present and we all do it. We all do Clickin. Doing as in an activity of typing to convey our thoughts, feelings, emotions and in some cases, highly technical advances.

In the book’s pages, we get to laugh with Clickin. Laugh at how such a small activity can move so much information, mountains of information and is accepted by all of us at the same time and in each day, month and year.

And cry that even with this cohesive activity, we still stumble through our differences. We are occupied with slicing and dicing our way through the global the economic pie. Rejoice, then sigh, there’s hope. Clickin enables the ability in all of us to click to survive

“Keep em Clickin” reminds us to move forward forever and to thrive, strive and not die. Enjoy the ride, keep on clickin.

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