According to Statistics, the total market size of the global fitness industry is over $96 billion and is expected to grow at a rate of 7.7 per cent annually between 2020–2024. With a rise in fitness awareness, people are joining gyms in hopes of getting physically-fit bodies, often ignoring their mental well-being in the process. This is where calisthenics coach and entrepreneur, Jean Fallacara’s cyborg workout routine comes in.

The specialized workout plan by Jean Fallacara focuses on training athletes and other fitness-fanatics into training their body and mind together for a complete fitness approach. The calisthenics training expert’s neuroscience calisthenics program is designed to foster the mind-body connection to influence positivity while pushing a body’s strength limits.

Fallacara uses functional neuroscience to his advantage by teaching people how to ‘biohack’ their minds to gain better control over their body and to learn how to work toward their fitness goals with determination and focus.

According to Jean, “Strength training is an excellent way to train the mind and to improve the quality of life. We often focus on training the body and completely overlook the role our mind plays in helping us become the strongest version of ourselves. Once we tap into the mind, we can make healthy, lasting changes that will lead us toward fitness, even as we grow older. This is what my program focuses on a complete approach to fitness that lets people achieve unparalleled human performance.”

Apart from Cyborggainz, his virtual fitness program, Fallacara also owns the Biohackers Magazine and regularly hosts a No Plan-B Podcast to talk about the importance of mental wellness along with physical fitness.

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Jean Fallacara is a bodyweight strength training coach, author of Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack Your Body Clock, owner of Biohackers Magazine, and the founder of Cyborggainz, a virtual fitness platform. The calisthenics training expert and author is a strong advocate of incorporating functional neuroscience into sports and fitness for enhanced brain-body performance.

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