Consumers are used to receiving customized content for entertainment purposes. The EdCast talent experience platform applies a similar concept to career and talent development by offering a single digital destination where people can create and consume personalized learning experiences based on their unique needs. Learners can access a customizable Skills Taxonomy of 15,000 skills and more than 50 million pieces of content related to current workplace issues such as wellness, inclusion and hybrid work, all searchable by roles and interests. The platform moves away from the traditional one-size-fits-all learning model to deliver flexible learning based on what people want, when they need it.

“The future of learning is smart, flexible, accessible in real time, technology-enabled, and focused on individual needs,” said John Morgan, President LHH Career Transition & Mobility and LHH Learning & Development. “We’re excited to partner with EdCast to make the future a reality today and help leaders and companies easily gain the skills they need to take on new challenges and demands in the fast-evolving workplace landscape.”

The Conference Board’s global survey, C-Suite Challenge 2019™, revealed that CEOs see lack of skilled talent as one of the obstacles to innovation that will get worse, not better, by 2025. As work is redefined, organizations need to anticipate and develop future skills to attract and retain leaders.

At the same time, employees are reevaluating their opportunities and demanding more from their employers. A recent study from LHH and The Adecco Group, Resetting Normal: Defining a New Era of Work, revealed that 70% of employees expect their company to have a clear talent and development strategy to train them for future company needs.

A key part of LHH’s digital learning and development strategy, the partnership with EdCast helps future-proof organizations by offering them an end-to-end, AI-based talent development solution that enables robust skill development and immersive experiences that optimize learning.

“Our partnership with EdCast augments our omnichannel approach to development, providing science-based, scalable solutions through a world-class digital ecosystem and puts us at the forefront of personalized learning and development,” said Jessica Conser, Ph.D., LHH SVP Products and Innovation.

“We are excited to partner with LHH to further extend the value of our universal learning platform,” said Karl Mehta, EdCast CEO. “EdCast is committed to addressing current and future talent development needs through meaningful partnerships and a robust talent experience platform that cultivates high performing leaders and teams, as well as a culture of organizational success.”

About EdCast

EdCast is an award-winning platform for end-to-end employee and talent experience journeys spanning learning, skilling and career mobility. Our customers range from G2000 companies to small businesses to government organizations. With EdCast’s platform, enterprises are able to attract, develop and retain a high-performance and future-ready workforce. EdCast’s offerings include its Talent Experience Platform (TXP), Spark for SMBs and MyGuide Digital Adoption Platform. For additional information, visit or follow on LinkedIn or Twitter ( @ ) EdCast dot