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To become a citizen of a country entails overcoming obstacles, especially if one is an immigrant. The number of immigrants entering the United States has steadily increased over the century as restrictions have become laxer. To ensure that the past does not repeat itself, an account of such hardships was required, and what better than a book written by a former immigrant who wrote her entire life journey within its pages?

“Marriage to a Nation” is Evelyn de Wolfe’s account of the very hardships she had to face that most immigrants face when coming to attain happiness whilst living in a foreign country. It retells every meaningful account of her life leading to her achieving her goal of living without receiving resentment from the locals.

Most readers of this book were surprised to have their minds and opinions changed regarding their view of immigrants living in the country, as it shows just how hard a life they live already. As for the rest of the readers, this serves as a motivational tool as it inspires fellow immigrants to keep trying their best and to never let their goals out of sight.



Marriage to a Nation: For Better or For Worse

Written by: Evelyn De Wolfe

Paperback: $12.95


Renditions of this thought-provoking biography are available on Amazon. Grab a copy and feel the moments of gratification experienced by the author with every flip of the page sharing her side of the story.


About the Author

Evelyn was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, she has traveled around the world and is married to photo-journalist Leonard Nadel. She has a long career in journalism and experience being a translator for different US government agencies. She currently lives in Hollywood, CA, has two children, two granddaughters, and four great-grandchildren