eBooks are the publication of the future. Flipbooks are more appealing than PDFs. FlipHTML5 is an ideal tool for creating captivating eBooks without any technical skills.

The use of eBooks has exploded in recent times. The ability to store and read them on mobile devices makes them more convenient and desirable than bulky printed books. They’re also more convenient for content creators and publishers – printing costs are eliminated, distribution is a breeze, and without using paper and ink, the environment is preserved. Static PDF eBooks are standard fare, but FlipHTML5 offers dynamic eBook creator software that produces much more interesting and engaging results.

With FlipHTML5’s eBook creator software, readers will be treated to lively, page-flipping eBooks with rich, interactive media. eBook publishers will find the eBook creator software user-friendly and easy to adapt to. There are no technical or coding skills required. All that’s needed is a PDF version of the eBook; once the user uploads it to FlipHTML5, it will be automatically converted to web-friendly HTML5 format.

After conversion, the eBook creator software allows users to customize their eBooks to meet their and their readers’ needs. They can add a table of contents and modify the toolbar settings to simplify navigation and provide a more enjoyable reading experience. FlipHTML5 offers fully customizable templates for the layout of the eBook as well as beautiful backgrounds and themes to enhance its appearance. Even a beginner will be able to create an attractive eBook in no time.

Content creators can also ramp up their content with this eBook creator software. It lets them add rich multimedia such as images, videos, audio, animations, GIFs, and hyperlinks. Not only does this offer readers an immersive reading experience, but it also opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the use of eBooks. Publishers can take their readers on a journey anywhere and the ability to add hyperlinks makes them suitable for applications like advertising and sales.

This eBook creator software produces eBooks that are accessible anywhere, on any device. With HTML5 technology, the eBooks are optimized for reading on mobile devices as well as browsers. And they’re easy to share via email and social media using a unique URL assigned to each eBook.

“Our eBook creator software is among the best on the market,” boasts Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5.

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