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“The Mind-Body Problem and Its Solution” (GoToPublish LLC, 2019) by Carey R. Carlson will be featured at the LA Times Festival of Books in Spring 2022.

This is the second edition of the book, which covers the presentation of the mind-body problem and its solution. This edition, however, features new arrow diagrams that support Russell and Whitehead’s view of physics as a casual web of time-ordered events. So, what is it about the mind-body problem that piques people’s interest?

Over the last century, scientists have made tremendous strides in understanding the physical nature of the universe and the biochemical nature of life. However, the most visible aspect of peoples’ lives such as their daily consciousness and experience of the world, or “sentience” still remains stubbornly immune to scientific explanation. This schism is known as the “mind-body problem,” and it has existed for centuries.

“The Mind-Body Problem and Its Solution” performs two valuable tasks: first, it presents the mind-body problem in a clear shared language. Second, it proposes an intriguing solution based on the work of early-twentieth-century philosophers Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead. Where Russell’s approach to the mind-body problem is superior to the traditional options of dualism and materialism, including Whitehead’s speculative process metaphysics, which the author considered to be far ahead of its time.

According to Jim Thompson, an Amazon reviewer, “this is a fascinating book in which esoteric material is presented with clarity and even humor. If I had read this book when I was a Philosophy major in college, I would not have dropped Philosophy as a major” He enjoyed the book so much that it would be fantastic if it were one of the academic books used in his university classes.

An insightful book with “5-Star Reviews” from Amazon customers, the book will be of interest both to general readers of science and philosophy and to those steeped in the literature.

The Mind-Body Problem and Its Solution (Second Edition)

Author | Carey R. Carlson

Genre | Philosophy of Science, Physics

Publisher | GoToPublish LLC

Published date | November 26, 2019

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