ETax Service and Expatriate Tax Returns have joined forces to provide domestic and expatriate tax returns. No matter your scenario, we are here to help. Whether you are moving, currently living abroad, or just traveling for a short time, we will determine the best tax filing for you. Contact our new joint venture for help with your taxes today.

ETAXSERVICE.COM AND EXPATRIATE TAX RETURNS have joined forces to follow their clients all over the world and help them with their US tax filings wherever they chose to move, live, work, or play.

Moving offshore?  Contact us for relocation suggestions based upon the country tax requirements.

Living in a foreign country?  Contact us to nail down the US requirements to keep your citizenship and  tax status intact and up-to-date.

Lost you offshore job or transferred back home?  Your tax return is now more complicated than ever before and will definitely need help to file it right.

Travelling the world while working remotely?  We can help you file your tax return whenever and from wherever

Foreign income, US income, living here, there, anywhere?  Contact us to expertly prepare your US tax return.  We are experienced, no matter what the scenario.


EXPATRIATE TAX RETURNS has a main office in Wyandotte, MI and satellite locations in Delray Beach, FL and London, UK.

We have been providing tax and accounting services to individuals, small businesses and estates/trusts for over 25 years.

The owner, Diane Siriani, a CPA and her team of experienced tax accountants have been on the cutting edge of the profession and utilizes the best industry technologies to serve clients effectively and efficiently for over 25 years.

Thanks to the flexibility offered by the internet, we have been able to service US citizens located anywhere in the world…quickly, efficiently and professionally.