Ralph (Ralph The Car Guy) has 27 years experience in the auto industry business by working in all departments, including sales, service and finance.

He has also ran dealerships in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Ocala Florida, and currently Atlanta. Over the years he’s received numerous awards and training.

But most importantly he has compassion for consumers and steering them in the right direction. “Ralph the Car Guy” is available to be on your show to answer questions many of us just don’t understand, including but not limited to Gap insurance, warranty info, car industry jargon, etc.

The difference between the dealerships policy or going with your auto insurance company. Answer live tweets, Facebook comments, IG post about their unique experiences and even your questions.

Ralph The Car Guy can equip them with the intelligence to know what is negotiable when purchasing a vehicle.

Warranties and how many people have neglected to recoup monies owed to them.

Viewers can visit the links below to see podcasts that Ralph The Car Guy has recorded. In today’s environment, consumers need information on the auto industry as it is a changing environment.

YouTube: RalphtheCarGuy


Ralph The Car Guy

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