About The Dirt We Hide

Phillia doesn’t have any friends… Not since she pushed everyone away with her downcast eyes and slumped shoulders. Not since the mysterious incident – that no one seems to know even happened. No one but her, of course, and him.

Plagued, now, with visions of mud and dirt clinging to her skin, Phillia is trying her best to keep her focus on her schoolwork – and not on the itch at her collar or the tickle at her sleeve cuff. They’re not there, she knows that much. Still, she finds herself tucked away in a dingy school loo, scrubbing at her hands until there’s no soap left.

It’s there, in the aforementioned dingy toilet, that Olive finds her. And the school’s busybody is more than curious to discover what has led to the strange turn in Phillia’s life.

Phillia, however, endeavours to ignore what happened to her – despite Olive’s persistent friendship and concerned glances. It’s these concerned glances that make secrets weigh heavy – and memories weigh heavier.

Sooner or later something is going to give.

This work is available worldwide via Amazon:

Paperback / Hardback (194 pages)

Dimensions 14.0 x 1.2 x 21.6 cm

ISBN-13 978-1800942790

Kindle eBook ASIN B09Q22L7ZR

Amazon URL: http://getbook.at/TDWH

Published by in the UK by Michael Terence Publishing, 2022

About the Author

Sophie Haworth is a Young Adult fiction author based in the scenic county of Derbyshire, England. Living with a chronic illness, she finds an escape in writing, reading, and watching a slew of art-based YouTube videos.

Important topics to her are feminism, Pride, and diverse representation within media.

Instagram: @sophienova.novels

Twitter @sophienovels

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