This goes without saying that people around the globe have been drawn towards adopting a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. While doing so is not about onboarding harsh limitations or  dispossessing the food you love, one can continue to make healthy choices without having to give up on their favourite foods. Today brands across the globe are innovating and adopting ways to implement healthy food in their offerings. Be it baked vegetable chips to adding flavour to foods enriched with healthy fats such as nuts.

Past few decades there have been myriad efforts practiced by industry bodies and governments to guide consumers towards eating healthy or eating clean. Today healthy snacking has become the new norm, however many still struggle to admire the food they consume, making it easy for them to give up.

While there are new brands inflowing the market every single day with something new to offer, this Bangalore based brand “Happilo” is introducing snacks that are healthy and delicious at the same time. Be it dried berries, dry fruits, seeds, nuts, nut butters and so on.

Happilo started 5 years ago, the vision it was born with was to deliver healthy snacking alternatives to those who are devoted into adopting healthy choices for a better future. Today Happilo serves fresh and scrumptious snacks that are enriched with good fats, essential vitamins and minerals, and hold voluminous health benefits. The brand directly sources and hand picks from the best of the farms across the globe while bridging the gap between farm to fork.

Happilo operates first hand with ingredients that are sourced locally, with a sole purpose of delivering top-notch quality with their offerings. It understands the need and intention of its consumers to switch to a healthier lifestyle and hence serves as a one-stop destination catering to all their healthy-snacking needs with premium quality, higher accessibility and, a vast variety of delectable offerings, making it easier to inculcate nutrition packed foods into their everyday diet.

Happilo is one of the leading D2C brands currently offering a premium range of over 9 kinds of nuts, including brazil nuts, pine nuts, macadamia, hazelnuts and so on. Barring that the brand offers dates, seeds, berries, and dried fruits such as dried kiwi, dried papaya and so on. While there is already a lot to offer from the brand’s side, Happilo is soon coming up with snack packs and a wide range of products in their breakfast category. Bringing health to your early mornings.

Happilo’s ever evolving strategies are catered around the promotion of healthy snacking for audience in every target group while taking them to a delectable trip down the snacking lane.

Today the brand offers over 100 products across all modern leading retail stores, channel partners, online platforms and general trades while providing their consumers with an effortless shopping experience. Along with being one of the most searched brands on Google and in the E-commerce industry, the brand is also actively partnering with many industry bodies and is primed to grow stronger and twice its current size in the coming times.

“We created Happilo with the idea of serving our consumers and ensuring that no one is deprived of nutrient-dense foods. It makes me proud how the brand has succeeded all these years and how welcoming people have been towards Happilo. Today I just have to thank everyone who has been a part of the brand and has believed in it. We wouldn’t be what we are today, without our consumers and stakeholders.” -Vikas D. Nahar, Founder of Happilo International Private Limited

Happilo as a brand endeavours to bring happiness into lives of people they touch. The brand believes that everyone should make happy and healthy choices in lives especially when it comes to their preferences in food. They encourage a paradigm shift in the way people view the relation between snacking and fitness.