Coggins’ new book snags readers’ attention with a story of a poor farm boy who spent his early years in a small Cotton Mill Village in Georgia and later moves up the ladder to lead a successful life. A few years later, he and his family moved to a large farm, where his daily chores included picking cotton or plowing the fields behind an old mule.

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With hard work and willingness to go anywhere, there is no limit to what anyone can achieve.

Robert W. Coggin, author of “Flying High Over the Cotton Field” (Independently published, 2018), will be featured at the LA Times Festival of Books in Spring 2022. This book chronicles how a boy raised on a farm leveraged the Work Ethic his Dad instilled in him and the Common Sense he inhereted from his Mom to achieve much success and a wonderful life.

Bob Coggin, the protagonist, was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. When he was older, he enlisted in the United States Air Force in search of greener pastures, only to get a taste of what life could be like away from the farm. He was employed as a “ramp agent” leading to an amazing career that took him from a small farm to upper management positions at major commercial airlines, contributing significantly to Delta’s success and Coggin’s personal and professional growth.

“Flying High Over the Cotton Field” is a remarkable story about one man’s strong work ethic and achievement, with nods to the many people who contributed to his success. This book has received “5-Star Reviews” from Amazon Readers, including Verified Purchasers, denoting that Coggins’ story will resonate with Delta enthusiasts as well as readers everywhere who value good old-fashioned hard work.

According to Amazon reviewer Veronique N. Deblois, she enjoyed reading the book about the author’s life as a “…veteran of the travel industry and what an amazing career it was for Coggin.” Interested? Find out more and grab a copy of Rober Cogin’s “Flying High Over the Cotton Field” on Amazon and come visit the LA Times Festival of Books in Spring 2022!

Flying High Over the Cotton Field

Author | Robert W.Coggin

Genre | Biographies & Memoirs

Publisher |Independently Published

Published date | November 28, 2018

Author Bio

Robert Coggin, author of “Flying High Over the Cotton Field,” grew up in the Sargent and Handy communities of Georgia. He has been active in community activities and has served on a number of community boards, including the University of West Georgia Newnan Advisory Board, the Samaritan Clinic Board, the Boys and Girls Club, the Newnan Coweta Chamber of Commerce, and the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl.

He went to Western High School as well as Alabama Christian College. He also completed the Kellogg Business School’s Executive MBA Program. He had a 42-year career with Delta Airlines, where he was employed as a Ramp Service Ag

In May of 1998, he announced his retirement from Delta. At the time of his retirement, he was Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing, Planning, and Technology. He was responsible for Delta’s expansion with a strong emphasis on international growth and partnerships with International airlines. He also established a successful Travel & Transportation Consulting practice in June 1998, with a strong emphasis on technology in the travel industry.

After 9/11 consulting in the travel industry disappeared and he accepted a position as EX VP in the Travel Distribution Division of Cendant which later became Travelport. Where he was later promoted to Vice Chairman of Travelport. He retired from Travelport in September 2011.