Hourglass Escapes has the best mystery and supernatural-themed escape rooms in Seattle, providing real-life adventure games. Have your escape room event there.

Imagine you are an archaeologist trying to uncover the mysteries of a mummy and solve clues before time runs out. Or you are aboard a pirate ship solving puzzles before the vessel is cursed and sinks. Hourglass Escapes provides players a live production escape room atmosphere where they are the star. If you ever wondered where you could find `escape room games in Seattle,` Hourglass Escapes provides a fun movie magic game experience all packed in 60 minutes.

Hourglass Escapes provide real-life adventure games in which players are locked away in a room and must use clues and objects they find to solve a mystery or set of puzzles before time runs out! Solving puzzles will help players move through the storyline, allowing them to discover secrets and hints that will lead them to one of the keys needed to escape.

Master storytellers experienced in prop design, game design, puzzle makers, and musical directors will immerse the players in an atmosphere filled with heart-pounding fun. From becoming an archaeologist to being aboard a hunted pirate ship, the adventure begins at Hourglass Escapes.

Inspired by actual events, the archaeology-themed escape room game called Rise of the Mad Pharaoh will take the players on a journey of solving puzzles with ancient artifacts. All that stands between time running out and escaping is the player’s wits that will help discover what will happen in the storyline. Solve challenges in 60 minutes or less, stop the mad mummy, and save Dr. Carter. Hourglass Escapes provides a safe, immersive experience with participants wanting more from the moment they escape the room.

For those wanting to have a unique and exciting experience on a legendary pirate ship, the themed-based escape room game called the Ghostly Galleon will have players searching for the treasure before the vessel is cursed and sinks. Props and antiques are all taken from pirate legends, and clues and puzzles have caused chills to some who played it. Hourglass Escapes provides a whole new world of adventures and mystery to explore.

Hourglass Escapes caters to all kinds of escape room events such as birthday parties, corporate events, team building activities, family reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or just a fun night out with friends!

Hourglass Escapes also caters to corporate settings, bringing the adventure to your conference room. Other services include virtual escape room experiences using online meetings to bring the adventure to your home or office. For an enjoyable and challenging experience, the number of people recommended is 2 to 14 players. These games create adventures for the newest escape room player to the seasoned puzzle solver.

Due to COVID 19, Hourglass Escapes has strict cleaning protocols; all participants must require masks temperature checks, and all escape room contents are cleaned daily. To ensure cleanliness is CDC approved, all sanitizing chemicals are left on the surface 2 minutes as recommended.

Hourglass Escapes take all the mystery elements of movies you love and puts them in real life through fun adventure games! For an innovative and intricate experience, learn more at https://hourglassescapes.com/

About Hourglass Escapes

Hourglass Escapes has the best mystery and supernatural-themed escape rooms in Seattle, providing real life adventure games in which players are in a room and must use clues and objects they find to solve a mystery or set of puzzles.