The William Meredith Foundation has established an annual award to honor the legacy of Nancy Frankel, beloved teacher, foundation board member and world-class painter and sculptor. Ms. Frankel died tragically at the end of summer in 2021. The sponsor for this year’s award, Charles Timberlake, has said in a recent note, “I still feel very sad about what happened to Nancy. She was such a beautiful and talented soul!” This sentiment is echoed by myriad friends and students who knew and loved her.

The 2022 award has been given to Ram Brisueño and future awardees will be selected by Margery Goldberg who directs the Zenith Gallery in Washington DC. The gallery describes his work as follows:

Ram Brisueño’s two-dimensional and sculptural artwork is layered with unique iconography and meaning to heighten form and language. His mixed media works have an aesthetic that is a surreal perspective between material and myth, at points of transformation that draw inward to a narrative of social history, identity politics and combinations of material, color, and form.

The foundation will continue to seek funding to endow this award in perpetuity. It firmly believes there is no question about her place in the cannon of American art, and welcomes the opportunity to celebrate her life and art through this award.

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