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“The Forbes Way” (Black Card Books, 2019) by Pamela Forbes will be featured at the LA Times Festival of Books in Spring 2022. This book discusses how people can become the person they want to be in the future. When it comes to the business mind, it’s complicated in the sense that it’s always an endless battle with thinking for themselves vs. letting others think what’s best for them, and their business. It teaches the person, both personally and professionally, how to adapt to their current resources in order to meet challenges while pondering their original purpose as a career-driven individual, business professionals, and company. 


The author teaches “The Forbes Way” on how a person can achieve their desired goal of becoming a successful individual and, if they own a business, the success of their company as a whole. The business mindset cannot be mastered overnight, as it is stated. Pamela Forbes has been involved in organizational change for over twenty-five years and holds a Ph.D. in Leadership Education. She didn’t get where she is today without the experience she had to overcome and teachers that taught her a great many things. 


She uses her expertise to teach others about the challenge of personal growth and how that growth can have a great impact on the business. Pamela not only teaches the readers but also offers valuable advice on how they can further develop their business; she’s an extraordinary expert who allows people to take control of their goals rather than taking control of it. Where she helps them achieve their dream by letting them be the captain of their own ship.


What’s more, Dr. Forbes even created a tool that was developed for use in performance evaluations and future adaptations for that organization. She has worked intimately and effectively with individuals and systems, developing and establishing innovative models for change.


“The Forbes Way” guides the reader to develop an open mind, answer every question with an honest response, and carry out the activities. This book will help them find a new perspective for themselves and their business.


The Forbes Way: How to Lead Based upon Integrity, Innovation, and Ingenuity

Author | Pamela C. Forbes

Genre | Business & Economics

Publisher | Black Card Books

Published date | October 16, 2019


Interested? Learn more about “The Forbes Way” by Pamela Forbes available on Amazon, and come visit the upcoming LA Times Festival of Books in Spring 2022!