Mark Kennedy is a seasoned professional and will be heading all regional and global business development related activities for Nexdigm in Japan. With over three decades of total work experience and most of it in Japan, he is familiar with the markets in the region and has a very good understanding of the needs of multinational companies.

Mark comes to Nexdigm from Hollister, a leading US healthcare multinational where he held senior leadership positions for over 20 years. He is fluent in Japanese and is well-versed with the customs and traditions of the country. At Nexdigm, Mark will focus on developing the Japanese market. He will be responsible for enhancing and expanding the existing ecosystem for Nexdigm in Japan, creating more visibility, and supporting Sales. He will also play a key role in targeting new opportunities, building new strategic alliances, nurturing existing alliances and client relationships.

“Mark’s involvement and experience in expanding product portfolio and improving upon efficiencies is something we hold in high regard. He will play a vital part in Japan, fabricating new bonds, supporting existing unions and customer connections in the global space, including however not restricted to the Japan-India passage,” said Manoj Gidwani, Vice President, Global Marketing.

“Japan has always been a land of opportunities. Mark’s long-standing association with Japan and his extensive understanding of business nuances will prove instrumental in tapping into new opportunities within the region for us,” said Mark Shircel, Senior Global Business Adviser, speaking from Chicago, USA.


Manoj Gidwani




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