Real Barrier has distilled its hydrating, brightening and smoothing formula into a concentrated ampoule for everyday, all-season beautiful skin.

Real Barrier, K-Beauty’s leading brand in the formulation and marketing of affordable clinic and spa-level skin care with a focus on dry, sensitive skin types, has added Extreme Cream Ampoule to its super-concentrated line for very dry akin. Real Barrier focuses on caring for and strengthening the skin barrier in skin types that are prone to the redness, flaking and irritation that can plague sensitive, dry skin types.

“Real Barrier Extreme Cream Ampoule is a highly concentrated essence of our most-trusted and proven ingredients,” explained Dr. Raymond Park, CEO and developer of Real Barrier. “For skin types with a compromised skin barrier, the ampoule offers a protective layer for the skin that can be worn alone or under moisturizer and cosmetics. It also can be that extra layer of protection and hydration during the winter months and changes of seasons that often aggravate dry, sensitive skin challenges.”

Real Barrier Extreme Cream Ampoule is a non-greasy, but very rich lotion. It appears milky, but applies clear. This formula contains a multitude of barrier strengthening ingredients that are also found in Real Barrier Extreme Cream. It helps smooth and manage rough and flaky skin caused by excessive dryness.

Along with patented MLE Skin Barrier technology, this enriched formula combines an independently developed ceramide and Ceramide 3, to strengthen the skin barrier. And, 10,000 ppm of Panthenol which is soothing, moisturizing and also helps prevent moisture loss, by forming a lightweight, yet protective moisturizing film on the skin.

As an added plus, this updated formula has had the levels of known allergens reduced or actually removed which makes this product ideal for sensitive skin.

When the Ampoule is applied, the MLE kin Barrier technology aids in the absorption of the Panthenol, helping the skin feel smooth and soft with no residual stickiness and it also helps the skin appear brighter.

More information and a complete ingredients list can be found on the product’s webpage.

About Dr. Raymond Laboratories, Inc

Dr. Raymond Park has researched in skin barrier Science has helped many people who have suffered from skin barrier dysfunction. Dr. Raymond Labs has invented platform Skin Barrier Technology, named as Crystal Lamella MES (Micro-Encapsulation System) and have published more than fifty articles covering dermatological research. is the official site to introduce innovative skin barrier products.