Professor Michelle Walker-Davis, Founder of WOPAT, visited the country of Ghana in December of 2021 to introduce a powerful initiative to create 1 Billion successful women entrepreneurs worldwide by December 31, 2030.

The launch was held at the Accra International Conference Center (AICC) in Ghana, where former President Barack Obama was hosted,  with 30 media outlets and an international audience joining in via Zoom from all over the world. Professor Walker-Davis spoke at the launch informing the audience that she is determined to work with other nations and partners to help successfully complete this initiative.

The launch is set to incorporate women from parts of the world, including Ghana, and India, to improve their lives through entrepreneurship and other ventures that could include launching nonprofit organizations. “We must raise the value of women throughout the world by offering financial support and micro loans.  I know there is $850 billion in grant money out there so I plan to work like hell to see that we access that and provide technical assistance for women, most are single mothers that make less than $1.00 per day in some countries.” The WOPAT founder addressed the audience at the launch.

WOPAT is hoping to gain the attention and sponsorship of celebrities, government officials, corporations, and more. “We are really looking for corporations to provide sponsorship for these women by providing millions of dollars in support and we are going to highly successful women like billionaire philanthropist Mackensie Scott, Oprah Winfrey, Rosalind Brewer, Michelle Obama, Suze Orman, Melinda French Gates, Gayle King, and Sara Blakely for them to give back and endorse this initiative. We have a plan and a strategy that will work, we are not worried about the money. The money will come,” she further explained.

Sponsorships are being secured and inquiries can be sent to  To join the movement donate to:

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