Garrison™ Flood Control, an industry leading provider of unique flood barriers and water diversion products, launches a new online e-commerce platform to sell its line of flood control products.

“We wanted people to be able to easily and quickly shop and purchase commercial grade flood control, but at pricing accessible to homeowners and smaller municipalities as well,” said Arnon Rosan, President of Garrison Flood Control. “We had initially offered our products only through our sales team, but realized that there was an online market, even for large quantities of our higher end, industrial quality, water diversion products,” he added.

Garrison Flood offers its Mayim™ interlocking barriers for flood control and water diversion, Serpent™ inflatable flood berms for heavy duty flood protection, Beluga™ oversized concertina style sandbags for cofferdams, berms and dike construction, Guppy™ water filled tubes to create water dams and to divert water, and Minnow™ SAP filled sandbags for doorway protection and to create quick dams. The company also offers standard empty sandbags for communities to have on hand for flood emergencies.

All of Garrisons flood control products meet stringent technical standards and have been proven in the field. Each product serves a specific and unique flood scenario, meaning that the company can offer a complete range of flood protection for a typical office building, home, municipal building and for entire communities.

“We’ve expanded our online informational content to allow even engineers to take a deeper dive into our flood barrier products and get comfortable with ordering products online,” said Mr. Rosan. “From 10ft of flood protection for a garage door, to thousands of feet of protection for storm surges and river flooding, our customers can now order flood barriers online and expect delivery of their order quickly,” he added.

“Of course, we are still always available to talk through unique scenarios, provide additional technical information about our flood barriers and to consult on an individual’s flood control needs,” said Mr. Rosan. “The new ecommerce site is not meant to replace that personal touch that we have become known for, but rather to meet the additional needs of customers shopping at all hours of the day,” he added.

Garrison™ Flood Control is a New York-based manufacturer, distributor, and renter of a complete line of flood control products. Garrison products contain, divert, and re-route water away from valuable property, equipment, infrastructure, and facilities and help prevent flood damage due to rising water levels.

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