Author A.R. Johnson’s new book “Wishful Thinking” brings a fresh and artistic expression that illuminates people. His book is a compilation of written artwork that suits the genre for PMG to give it another venue to reach a bigger audience.

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Pearson Media Group is a digital media platform that aims to promote various genres through screenplay and promotions. The group is remarkable for helping budding authors advertise their unique and inspirational outputs in the international section. In the coming days, PMG collaborates with an artistic author and illustrator, A.R. Johnson, to bring people another poetry work to enjoy.

“Wishful Thinking” is an interpretive poetic art form that strives to connect with the hearts and souls of those who wish to journey through the world of abstract thinking.

Poetry is a form of art. The author desires to communicate with this different audience through the artistic expression of writing, lyric, poetic encouragement, and the American jingle art form of haiku.

Author Adrian Johnson wishes to communicate with and entice genuine readers through his form of wishful thinking. He clings to the notion that time tends to lean toward motivation and gives itself to the end of time. And, as life struggles to navigate the human perspective, wishful thinking captures what continues to remain out there.

Wishful Thinking is the title of the illustration cover and is also the name of this poetry narrative.

Pearson Media Group aims to promote author Adrian R. Johnson in connecting and reaching a good number of audiences in this growing digital platform. You might not want to miss adding this treasure to your library this coming holiday season.

Go check out “Wishful Thinking,” available in many digital formats. Be inspired, relieved, and learn about life, love, and mystery with this new material.

“Wishful Thinking”

Author: A.R. Johnson

Published Date: July 24, 2018

Paperback: $15.99

About The Author:

Adrian R. Johnson is from Gary, Indiana. He is a devoted Christian and aims to inspire people all over the world. His passion towards people is a reflection of his greater than 25 year marriage to his wife Dina and fatherhood to his five children.