They are constantly looking at ways in which they can drive growth forward. Since the launch of their new website, they are proud to announce further growth. Stone floor cleaning and restoration is a niche trade. It is quite often the case that a certain company can get a name for themselves when they are capable of producing such high standard of workmanship.

The website launch was a new beginning for this reputable company. They are constantly looking at ways in which they can offer their clients detailed information and advice. They aim to offer a service where they are a service for all things related to floor cleaning and restoration.

When identifying such growth, the team wanted to further concentrate on this ethos. It meant that blogging and having a dynamic approach to their marketing strategy would pay dividends.

The areas that Cornwell Services specialise in are stone floor cleaning and wood floor sanding. Their team are expertly trained and knowledgeable about their craft. Part of what sets them apart from their local competition is their incredible drive to be the best at what they do. Further to this is their want to understand their client’s needs. This means a regular monitoring of their website analytics and understanding where their enquiries are coming from. Their online presence and positive reviews have further cemented their success.

Since launching the site people are spending 78% longer on this informative website. This means that their goal is being achieved. This flows naturally to increased enquiries and job prospects as a result.

Saul Cornwell, founder of Cornwell Services commented:

“Natural growth is really important to us. This comes from our drive to be the best at what we do and to set higher standards for our trade. The work we complete is done in a professional manner and with the aim of earning our client’s custom for life. We have a large percentage of return custom and customer recommendation. Therefore, seeing such incredible growth since our website launch has offered great reward to us.”

The last couple of years has offered great challenges to any trade. Only the most dynamic and determined are coming out the other end with such evidence of growth and success. This is both incredibly rewarding and offers great drive and determination to others looking to replicate their accomplishments.