Managed futures strategies cover diverse active investment approaches manifested through liquid and explicit exchange-traded futures and foreign exchange markets. Nagamasa Global addresses the key characteristics of managed futures that benefit investors through a range of reasons that highlight the positive impact on a diversified portfolio:

– Diversification beyond the traditional asset classes: managed futures represent an alternative asset class that has gained major performance in both up and down markets;

– Reducing portfolio volatility: managed futures are used as an investment tool across a large spectrum of asset classes with the purpose of attaining long term returns;

– Providing returns despite the economic environment: managed futures generate returns in both up and down markets, in any kind of economic downturns, with less volatility and smaller decreasing than other asset classes;

– Use from the part of successful institutions: leading institutions have been using managed futures in order to generate returns comparing with other forms of investment;

– Use by commodity trading advisors: commodity trading advisors have access to a variety of global futures products that are liquid and transparent, including stock indexes, energy products, metals, fixed income, agricultural products;

– Trading in a regulated marketplace: building the credibility and reliability of the managed futures mutual fund community;

– Risk management and clearing: introduction of high-level risk management practices, clearing services that mitigate the risk, providing of resources to ensure the performance of all contracts.

About Nagamasa Global

Nagamasa Global provides insights in the commodities markets to all market participants to allow them to make better business decisions with confidence. The firm includes a team of experienced financial and market advisors offering a vast list of services for small-scale businesses, individuals, corporate and governmental entities. The company is emerging as a trusted commodity broker with customers from different sectors looking for expertise in pricing, news, and analytics. The company focuses on feasibility more than anything else, and this is the reason it provides a wide array of products and services to its clients that allow them to better sustain their investments.