Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jan 30, 2022 (  – No matter where you are in the world, we will all admit that it has been a rough few years during this global pandemic. We are still transitioning back to what we thought was normal before the pandemic. One of the hardest hit industries by the pandemic was the entertainment industry. American comedian, and now permanent resident of Dubai, Tai Paschall is coming back to the stage as a comedian in full force. After a successful run with zoom comedy shows across the globe, Tai TheCOMEDYBAWSE will be returning to the stage in February to perform a new comedy special.

Stand-up comedy is already super difficult, but with audiences being on lockdown for most of 2021 it has been a struggle to get people back in venues and clubs around the world. International comedian and host Tai The COMEDYBAWSE thinks this is perfect timing to introduce new material and connect to new and old fans that are ready to step away from their screens and experience live performances face-to-face again. Over the past eight years that Tai has been performing comedy, he has become noticed as a top-rated stand-up comedian whose presence is always felt and raved about in comedic circles around the world.

The fact remains that Tai TheCOMEDYBAWSE has registered his impact on the hearts and minds of the people in the world who have turned out to be his die-hard fans. Apart from being an international comedian and host, he is also a content creator. His comedic gigs are massively popular around the world and this new show, It’s a PanDAMMIT: Quarantine Confessions, promises to be no different. This show will not only showcase Tai’s hilarious comedic observations on the pandemic, but it will also add Tai to the history books. “I’m making history with this special. With this comedy special, I will become the first African-American comedian to record three comedy specials in the Middle East.” February is traditionally known as Black History Month in America and Tai has perfectly planned his special at a time to create his own moment in Black History to celebrate the accomplishments of former African American artists and entertainers that inspired him to become what he is today.

Tai TheCOMEDYBAWSE will be performing two shows (6:00pm and 9:00pm) on the night of February 5th 2022 at the Flight Case Theater in Dubai’s Al Quoz district. He will also be joined by local comedian Mo Badr and crowd favorite Maher Barwany. Tickets are available now at

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