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Insurance policies of all types typically require insureds to notify the insurer of any lawsuits first. In cases when an insured fails to provide such notice, there shall be no coverage for the resulting verdict. However, in GEICO Indemnity Co. v. Whiteside, the Court asserted that the failure of the insured to give notice does not excuse the insurer of potential liability for a bad faith. The decision was based on several factors, including the failure to properly name the insured and to provide a copy of the policy.

In this LIVE Webcast, a panel of key thought leaders organized by The Knowledge Group will provide a comprehensive analysis of the implications of GEICO Indem. Co. v. Whiteside decision on pending cases as well as on the general bad faith litigation area. Speakers will also offer litigation strategies in this ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Key topics include:

• Bad Faith Litigation: Recent Trends and Developments

• The Duties of the Insurers and the Insured

• Demystifying the Implications of GEICO Indem. Co. v. Whiteside

• Exploring Effective Litigation Strategies

• What Lies Ahead

Speakers/Faculty Panel

Mr. Adam R. Durst


Goldberg Segalla

Mr. Edward J. Currie, Jr.


Currie Johnson & Myers, P.A.

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