The Live Free Podcast has seen an uptick in notable guest stars, with 2022 so far featuring Drakoloid alumni Sarah Kellysen, game streamer Brayden James, and now creator of the ongoing web series “Derek & Ryan,” Nicholas Merchant.

Similar to how Barkhoff met Kellysen during her appearance in the podcast, Barkhoff follows suit for Merchant, too. The two discuss their similarities, the ‘Derek & Ryan’ saga of series and films Merchant has accomplished, Merchant’s new content creator Maroon TV, and both of their dissatisfaction with how COVID has effected their film plans.

Merchant also announces that he Episode 2 of “Derek & Ryan,” subtitled “Fight Nazis” is set for released Feburary 3rd, 2021.

You can catch Week 15 of The Live Free Podcast on YouTube and Spotify tomorrow at noon.

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