Globalization has allowed dishes like hummus, falafel, and kebabs to be recognized and enjoyed globally as people begin to open restaurants in different parts of the world. My Doner Grill spreads the joy of experiencing authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food through their restaurant in downtown San Diego.

My Doner Grill is a Middle Eastern restaurant located in downtown San Diego that is introducing the local population to authentic Mediterranean food. All their recipes are family-based, consisting of true middle eastern flavors that are carefully curated with love.

The restaurant owner shared: “With so many people claiming to be serving Middle-Eastern food, people haven’t really had the chance to taste authentic food. But our restaurant helps true foodies explore the true taste of Middle-Eastern flavors thanks to your little restaurant.”

The chefs at My Doner Grill take a trip to the farmers market every early morning to fetch the freshest produce for their customers. From vegetables to meat, each item is hand-picked by the chef’s team and thoroughly washed before being used for food prep. Almost every dish is served with special home sauces to add an oomph to the overall food experience.

My Doner Grill offers a vast array of dishes on their menu, including doners, salads, and their most loved signature platters. They are most famous for their finger-licking hummus, French fries, and falafel. Each of these items is served with a side of their home sauces that pairs perfectly with each dish.

About My Doner Grill

My Doner Grill is a restaurant based in San Diego Downtown that serves authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. They offer customers a wide array of dishes to choose from juicy meats, fresh and crisp vegetables, and an assortment of their special sauces. For further information, feel free to visit their website.

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Number: (619) 228-9997

Address: 823 5th Avenue, 92101 San Diego, CA

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