Collagen is a well-known protein that has been widely used in biomedical research and development. Twenty-eight known types of collagen have been identified, which are extracellular and mainly play a structural role. Collagen has many advantages as a biological material, one of which is the ability of collagen to penetrate lipid-free interfaces. The properties of collagen are different from those of synthetic polymers, mainly in its mode of interaction in vivo. Compared with other natural polymers such as albumin and gelatin, collagen exhibits biodegradability, weak antigenicity and superior biocompatibility.

Collagen Bio Tubes are special scaffolds for tube formation in tissue engineering. They are designed for cell cultivation, whereat cells can grow inside and outside the tubes, and are available with a diameter of 4.5 mm or 2.5 mm and each with a length of 3 cm or 6 cm. Like collagen cell carriers, CBT can be used for the growth and differentiation of various cell types, and represent an in vivo-like collagen used in bioreactors in fluidic systems or conventional cell culture-treated well plates.

Amerigo Scientific now expands its collagen portfolio and offers Collagen Bio Tubes for the life science communities. The CBT are robust and can be used for the growth and differentiation of various cell types, representing an in-vivo-like collagen used in bioreactors or conventional cell culture-treated well plates. They are produced through a standardized, industrial process.

The CBT also allow the combination with additional matrix molecules and/or growth factors. They are most suitable for culturing adherent primary cells, stem cells and cell lines, whereat cells can grow inside and outside the tubes. They also allow for directional differentiation, and they represent an excellent scaffold for complex tissues and tissue engineering. Additionally, the high mechanical strength of the CBT permits the easy and sterile translocation of the intact cell-scaffold complex e.g. for transplantation experiments or histological analysis.

It is noted that CBT are intended for research use only, and are neither intended for human nor animal diagnostic, therapeutic use or any other clinical uses. For more information about collagen bio tubes, please visit

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