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A mother’s love means the world to a child. It nourishes, cures, and teaches. A mother’s love is unconditional and lasts a lifetime. A mother will always carry her child in her heart even if he or she had already grown into an adult.

Every reader, young and old, will undoubtedly be moved by a novel that honors the love of moms. Linda Elliott, a children’s book author, has written a lovely poetry book that parents and their children will enjoy together. With the release of her book Who’s Going to Tie Your Shoes? –everyone is welcomed on a nourishing and emotional adventure.

“Who’s Going to Tie Your Shoes?” is just as much a book for adults as it is for kids. It includes original hand-drawn drawings by the author. “Who’s going to tie your shoes?” a mother asks her child, which appears to be a fairly insignificant question. But as the book proceeds, Elliott asks a series of questions that may represent some parents’ hidden concerns. Worries about who will look after their children if they go missing unexpectedly or when the Father calls them home.

Elliott got the opportunity to talk with other cancer sufferers after supporting her sister during her battle with the disease. She chatted with a young mother who was concerned about her family while waiting for her sister to finish her therapy. They prayed for her and her family and those who were facing similar challenges as her sister and the young mother.

The book is dedicated to people who are dealing with a terrifying sickness. It will not only entertain but will also encourage readers to value their loved ones and to pray for everyone suffering.

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Who’s Going to Tie Your Shoes?

Author: Linda J. Elliott

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: September 2021

Book Genre: Children’s Book

About the Author:

Linda Joyce Thornsberry Elliott is the author and illustrator of several books including Pumpkin Pilgrimage, Fun in The Park, The High-Back Forty, Who’s Going to Tie Your Shoes, Billy Bob’s Bean Patch, Among the Elbows, The Everything Tree, Three Trees Over, and Doctor Cow. The book Behold Easter is written by Linda but Willie, her husband, did the photography, and she is the author of Back Street Butterfly which is illustrated by Lewis Newman.

She is a graduate of Alice Lloyd College in Knott County Kentucky where she attended for two years and then attended and graduated from Berea College in Madison County Kentucky. She taught kindergarten and first grade for twenty-seven years. She is now retired and lives in McDowell, Kentucky with her husband Willie. They have one son Ryan.