Athomer and Dr. Kontos products are now available in the USA

Nasal sprays, under the brand name Athomer, and Dr. Kontos supplements are easy to administer and are for people with sinusitis, Hay fever, colds, allergies, blocked noses and more.

“We developed a natural nasal spray with a moisturizing mist ” said Norbert Bujtas, founder and CEO of Nobu Baby, which is based in the United Kingdom. “We are also introducing the world’s first natural nasal spray with molecular iodine content, which is gentle, safe and patented formula!

“There are two brands I would like mention, Athomer, the traditional product range, including pure seawater, or the one with propolis or mint, and a sophisticated range from Dr. Kontos, which includes Incarvexx with Fulvic Acid complex.”

Nobu Baby recently introduced two Athomer nasal sprays to the U.S. market, including one with Propolis, which is a mild, natural antiseptic for people with chronic sinus problems and people who have had nose surgeries or minor nose injuries.

“Our spray with propolis is for blocked and stuffy noses and congestion,” he added. “Some people call it: Magic! And we have received so many praises we are utterly overwhelmed!”

The other nasal spray by Athomer is a moisturizing spray, which contains pure sterile seawater rich in minerals. It is recommended for the entire family (0+) and it also has a very handy 360-degree nozzle, so the spray can be applied even when the baby is lying on his or her back. Athomer is a top-seller in the UK.

“All our nasal sprays, including Incarvexx, are free of gases, colorants, drugs, steroids, or preservatives. They are also suitable during pregnancy,” Bujtas said. “The nasal sprays are gentle, sterile, and all-natural.”

Athomer and Dr. Kontos Nasal Sprays, which are available at and Amazon, include.:

  • Dr. Kontos’ Incarvexx Essential Nasal Spray, which is an award-winning seawater nasal spray developed by scientists, contains molecular Iodine.This spray is for people who suffer from respiratory ailments.
  • Athomer Sea Water Nasal Spray with Propolis is a gentle, natural nasal spray for adults and children. Propolis is known for its soothing, emollient, and antiseptic properties.
  • Athomer Moisturizing and Care Sea Water Nasal Spray is suitable for newborns and adults.
  • Dr. Kontos’ Essential Drops’ product line, which includes organic Essential Iodine Drops, also contain Fulvic acid.

Bujtas said his company’s respiratory products are known for their innovation and high quality. Nobu Trading was named the 2020 “Leading Innovator in Nasal Medical Products” in the United Kingdom.

To find Nobu Trading’s products online, visit and Amazon.

About Nobu Baby

Nobu Baby is a United Kingdom health and wellness company that develops products, such as nasal sprays, for people who have respiratory ailments.