Based in Richfield, OH, Certain Pay is a well-known payment processing firm that offers merchant services and can service any business in the US and Canada. Its payment solutions are customized to meet the demands of its customers’ businesses, ensuring a secure, convenient, and transparent experience.

Get customized and transparent credit card processing solutions to move your business forward. Save time, minimize difficulties, and begin expanding your business today.

A new wave of transparency has hit the payment processing industry, and it’s coming from Richfield, Ohio. Certain Pain, a leader in credit card payment processing, specializes in providing custom solutions to meet unique business needs, bringing integrity, transparency, and value to the merchant service.

The company’s team is dedicated to building a valuable partnership with its customers focusing on a reliable payment service, transparent rates, fast onboarding process, excellent customer support, and compliance with security issues in their system.

Certain Pay makes it easy for its customers to start receiving credit card payments in their businesses. The process to get approved takes between 1-3 business days. There are no application or cancellation fees. They can service any business in the United States and Canada as long as it’s legal, ethical, and in good standing.

Certain Pay prides itself on its open communications and exceptional customer service, which adds to a scalable business process that is easy to use and understand. The team at Certain Pay is passionate about helping businesses succeed by offering secure, convenient options for credit card processing.

Certain Pay’s offers traditional payment processing, including POS, mobile, and online payments. With the cash discount services offered by Certain Pay, business owners eliminate credit card processing fees, reporting a 2 to 4% reduction in expenses that they can re-invest in whatever they deem necessary.

Certain Pay provides a rate tracker tool that allows business owners to keep track of any changes in their commission rate from payment processors. This enables unprecedented transparency. Owners no longer have to be concerned about processors misrepresenting rates and fees.

Certain Pay is committed to growing your business with its services. Its skilled staff is ready to deliver a top-notch service that adds value to any company.

Those requiring payment processing services in Richfield, OH, are invited to contact the experts at Certain Pay by visiting their website at

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About Certain Pay

Certain Pay is committed to growing your business with our services. Our mission is to change the way Business Owners think about their Credit Card Processor by shifting the conversation away from rates and fees to the value that a great Payment Processor can deliver to a Business Owner.