What Is A Kindle Vella?

Kindle Vella is a serialized reading platform created by Amazon. A Vella is created in 600-5000 word pieces and Amazon gives every reader the first three episodes for free.

About The Book

Shep’s Return is about Sixteen-year-old Hatshepsut (Shep to her friends) who is on her way to Egypt for Christmas, again. Her parents loved going to Egypt and had made the pilgrimage every year since meeting there eighteen years ago. Unfortunately, the obsessed pair had named her after some ancient pharaoh and had never given her a Christmas tree. Luckily, it also meant she had spent those holidays with Zaid. This year she would make him stop calling her ‘Girl’ and start seeing her as one, he might even spill his secret.

According to Vellavated.com, “A Kindle Vella is a way for authors to share serialized stories with readers over an extended period – one episode at a time. Kindle Vella readers are able to:

  • Find and view a story’s detail page in the Kindle Vella store on Amazon.com and in the Kindle app on iOS.
  • Read the first few episodes of every story for free!
  • Use new features, like Faves and Thumbs Up, to engage with stories.
  • See personal notes from the author about episodes and more.”

About Larae Mitchell

Larae is a proud member of the Cherokee Nation who began her writing journey as a way to cope with the death of her son. She is excited to bring forth these new characters as she explores life after death. She wishes love and light to all. You can find out more about Larae on her website: https://www.neridakai.com

About Vellavated.com

Elevating Kindle Vellas To New Heights. Vellavated.com is a book promotion company specifically focused on Kindle Vella books.