7-Figure Entrepreneur Tells It All On How To Breakthrough And Create A Life Of Freedom

Today’s online business may keep business owners in a search for the right approach for growth and freedom – when all you need is a life transformation to make it happen. Adrian Lindeen has published her first book ‘Guts, Grit & Glory: How to Breakthrough and Create a Life of Freedom.’ ‘Guts, Grit & Glory’ is available on Amazon as part of the self-publishing service, nationally and internationally, and hit the best seller status on December 13th, 2021.

Her book tells how she overcame every obstacle. Lindeen’s book shows how a mix of perseverance and the right strategies allowed her to have a breakthrough.

Lindeen helps entrepreneurs from all over the globe to level up their business skill sets and build a brand that attracts go-getters. She will raise your consciousness, becoming a critical thinker entirely in control of your mindset so you can crush anything that stands in your way and create that upgraded lifestyle and live a life by design with those they love most.

About Adrian Lindeen

Adrian Lindeen is a Social Media Video Marketing Expert and Influence Marketing Strategist, Mentor, and Coach. After six years in the industry, she built a 6-figure and Multiple 7-Figure Business, retiring herself from her education career of 10 years as a High School volleyball coach, Physical Education Teacher, and Assistant Principal.