LONG AFTER THIS by Howard Jackson is published by Red Rattle Books

A personal account of how Elvis’s life and music shaped a whole generation of people around the world

About the Book:


‘Long After This’ remembers the music of Elvis Presley that author Howard Jackson sometimes loved and sometimes hated. In ‘Long After This’ the individual record albums are used to mark what was happening in the career of the singer but also events in the wider world and the life of the author. The memories of Jackson recall triumphs and tragedies and how a century and important years of change shaped both the idol and a fan. Without ever neglecting the music, ‘Long After This’ insists upon the persistence of memory and the impact of fate.

‘Jackson is the King of left-wing Elvis fandom.’ Tom Watson

About the Author:

A decade ago, Howard Jackson published ‘Treat Me Nice’. The book compared Elvis to the creature created by Dr Frankenstein. At the time, someone suggested that instead of concerning himself with Frankenstein and gothic fiction, he would make better use of his time if he wrote a book about the record albums of Elvis Presley. Most people who write about Elvis find one book insufficient to make sense of their interest.

In 2016, Sony repackaged the albums of Elvis that released by RCA in his lifetime. Because Sony decided to add the occasional extra song to individual albums, ‘The RCA Album Collection’ contains every Elvis recording released while Elvis was alive. ‘The RCA Album Collection’ suffices both for collectors and those who wish to use it for reference.

In ‘Long After This’, Howard recalls how the appearance of these records related to what was happening in his life. ‘Long After This’ is then a kind of memoir. This is a response to the music of Elvis but it has the added ambition of sharing a personal perspective that some may find of interest.

Despite the books that have appeared, the life of Elvis still exists without adequate explanation. To some, he is a victim, a huge talent that others helped destroy. Others regard him as inconsequential and overrated. Mystery, of course, is not confined to Elvis. The past blurs not just the life he led, but the lives of all of us. Howard has listened to his music, watched his movies and read volumes about Elvis Presley throughout his life. Events in his life help him remember incidents in his own life. But the successes and failures of Elvis have marked lives besides his own. All his fans have memories of Elvis and stories to tell.

The title of ‘Long After This’ is taken from the song ‘I’ll Remember You’. The song was recorded by Elvis in 1966.

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