WooBamboo, a leading provider of eco-friendly and sustainable oral care products, has been Certified Plastic Negative by rePurpose Global.

Florida-based WooBamboo, a company focused on changing the world one healthy smile at a time, is now Certified Plastic Negative. They have partnered with rePurpose Global to help fund the collection, processing, and reuse of more ocean and landfill-bound plastic than it uses across all of its products. By making this bold commitment, every WooBamboo purchase will now carry a negative plastic footprint. When consumers buy WooBamboo they can feel good about their purchases and know that they are making a difference. 

By donating a percentage of every product purchase to the rePurpose Global initiative and its effort to reduce plastic, WooBamboo is enabling the removal of low-value plastic waste that would otherwise be landfilled, burned, or flushed into the ocean every year. Through its partnership with rePurpose Global, WooBamboo is supporting vetted waste management social enterprises in Goa, India  as part of Project Saaf Samudra to collect hard-to-recycle plastic that is otherwise too low value to be reclaimed from the environment. This includes candy wrappers, chips packets, and other similar types of flexible packaging. 

By going Plastic Negative, WooBamboo is tackling a $50 billion per year funding gap affecting recycling supply chains around the world. Furthermore, it is also creating a crucial income stream for numerous waste pickers and their families across the globe. Prior to this program, these waste workers might earn less than $5 a day working in precarious and often dangerous situations, and they face severe discrimination despite providing a critical societal service across the developing world. The Plastic Negative initiative gives WooBamboo the opportunity to boost these workers’ incomes by attaching value to hard-to-recycle plastics, and it supports experienced recycling social enterprises that uplift waste workers holistically through occupational safety, health insurance access, and skills training. 

As a prominent player in the oral healthcare sector, WooBamboo recognizes the significant threat that plastic pollution poses to the future of our planet and plans to take future action against this epidemic. Currently, more than 1 billion toothbrushes totalling 50 million pounds of plastic waste are thrown away each year in the United States alone. “We have seen the devastating amount of waste generated every day by our industry. It is no longer enough to simply offset what’s equivalent to our own ecological footprint. Instead, we need to go beyond mitigating our harm. The desire to create a positive impact beyond our own waste footprint is what led us to commit to earning the rePurpose Global Plastic Negative Certification. To us, the urgency of this crisis was impossible to ignore and we decided to step up – for ourselves and even for our competitors who aren’t yet taking climate action. Our planet needs us now, and WooBamboo is taking strong strides to protect her,” said Stephen Hyde, co-founder and CEO of WooBamboo. “We are committed to continuing to provide consumers with eco-friendly, sustainable, and high-quality oral care products that they can feel good about purchasing for themselves and their entire families. Most recently we have shown this commitment by rolling our zero waste packaging options for our bamboo toothbrushes, and completely overhauling our biodegradable dental floss packaging to be the same.”

WooBamboo’s commitment to sustainability can be traced back to its foundations. WooBamboo was created with the sole purpose of providing consumers with environmentally-friendly oral care options. “WooBamboo’s products help consumers make small eco-friendly purchasing decisions that collectively have a significant positive impact on our environment. We want to do more than just make oral care products – we want to inspire people to take care of Mother Nature for ourselves and for future generations. Our partnership with rePurpose Global allows us to take that inspiration a step further,” said CEO Stephen Hyde.

About rePurpose Global

rePurpose Global, the world’s first Plastic Credit Platform, is helping people and companies take genuine climate action by financing the removal and recovery of ocean-bound plastic waste worldwide. The social enterprise co-designs and executes waste management and economic empowerment projects with a network of impact partners across three continents and seven countries, including India, Indonesia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Colombia.  www.business.repurpose.global

About WooBamboo

Launched on Earth Day in 2013 and based in Cape Coral, Florida, WooBamboo has helped consumers around the world discover that even the smallest steps toward a cleaner environment can be empowering. The company offers an entire line of bamboo toothbrushes for every member of the family as well as numerous other all-natural dental care products. WooBamboo strives to inform and empower consumers all across the globe to learn more about the impact their purchases have on the environment and make buying decisions that are better for the environment. For more information please visit https://woobamboo.com.