The Inaugural Offering from MMT Adds to Gardner Business Media’s Annual Program, Which Aims to Assist Businesses and Offer Insight into Manufacturing Trends

As part of their annual offering across several of their brands, Gardner Business Media, the country’s leading media company for manufacturing, announced the introduction of the first annual MoldMaking Technology Top Shops Benchmarking Survey. The surveys are conducted in partnership with Gardner Intelligence, the preeminent source of economic information for discrete parts manufacturing. Participants answer a series of questions about their businesses and their responses are anonymously compiled to create a collective view. Each participant is given a custom report comparing their facility to others.

It should be noted – this program differs from MMT’s existing Leadtime Leader Award. The Leadtime Leader Award determines its winner based on answers to open-ended questions about moldmaking performance and innovation, while the Top Shops Benchmarking program recognizes achievement based on data. The Leadtime Leader Award will return in 2023 and will strongly consider candidates that are recognized as MoldMaking Technology Top Shops qualifiers.

Five of Gardner’s brands are participating this year – MoldMaking Technology, Modern Machine Shop, Plastics Technology, Products Finishing and Composites World. Each will include Top Shops results in a fall issue of the respective magazine.

“In uncertain times, knowledge is power,” says Justin Combs, Senior Marketing Manager for Gardner Intelligence. “Businesses need to know where they are excelling and where they have opportunity to improve. The Top Shops program gives them the info they need to help them succeed.”

Surveys for each manufacturing focus can be found on the Gardner Intelligence website:

  • Moldmakers
  • Machine Shops
  • Liquid, Power and Electrocoating
  • Plating and Anodizing
  • Plastics Processors
  • Composites

More information about each program, including survey deadlines and opportunities to be recognized as a Top Shop, can be found at

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