The report shows that integrating charitable planning into an overall financial plan facilitates tax planning (76 percent) and enables them to give more money to charity (47 percent), among other benefits. The research also shows that both advisors and clients benefit from charitable planning discussions – especially when charitable giving is integrated into a client’s overall financial plan.

Over three-quarters of advisors (77 percent) with clients averaging over $500.000 in investable assets report they’ve personally found offering financial strategies for charitable giving to be a relationship builder and more than half (59 percent) say it helps position them as a broad financial expert.

“Charitable giving is an important priority for most of Nagamasa Global’s clients,” said Fuyuki R. Setsuna, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Offering supervision in this area helps clients maximize their giving and augments our connection with them at the same time. It is one of the ways we differentiate ourselves as a firm.”

A key strategy of charitable giving is leveraging assets that can maximize charitable donations. Donating long-term appreciated publicly traded assets – as well as non-publicly traded assets – to a public charity allows donors to potentially eliminate capital gains taxes and take a full, fair market value deduction for the assets at the time of donation.

“Simple strategies such as helping clients recognize the benefits of harvesting their portfolios can increase Nagamasa Global’s client’s financial charitable impact, while highlighting an advisor’s value at the same time.” Continued Mr. Fuyuki R. Setsuna.

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