The perfect empowering, creative guide to launching and growing profitably sustainable fashion brands by one of the fashion industry’s leading experts, Dessy Tsolova.

The fashion and textile industry is the fourth largest industry in the world. The global apparel market alone was worth $1.46 trillion in 2020. Some 3,000 billion textile and garment companies are entering the market daily. Yet most won’t succeed and will cease trading within months or a few short years of starting.

What those who fail have in common often is their lack of understanding of how the industry works. They often feel like they are not fully accepted by the industry. Navigating and making a fashion business work and be profitable seems like an impossible feat.

Become a Fashion Insider is not a faddy book full of anecdotes, how-to’s and empty promises. Instead, it is a practical guide that takes the reader on a journey from feeling like they don’t belong to feeling empowered by their new-found understanding of a complex industry. The book is especially written for aspiring fashion designers and brand founders who are at the start of the journey of growing their dream brand.

The easy to read and understand chapters focus on building a full 360 picture of what it takes to launch and grow a fashion business.

·      Starting with the mindset required for success, Dessy outlines the 10 Commandments that every fashion entrepreneur must know and operate by if they are to survive in business.

·      The following chapters focus on putting a foundational structure upon which the reader can build further, depending on what business stage their business is at.

·      While some chapters are lighter and focused more on informing what is possible, others like Pricing For Profit go deep into the technicalities of structuring a product price that is commercial yet centred around profit from the outset.

·      The chapters build upon themselves and the knowledge of the reader and culminate with a powerful focus on the Mindshifts necessary for fashion insiders to create and maintain if they are to thrive.

“Through my work of supporting creative entrepreneurs and brand founders in the process of growing their fashion businesses, I continuously see the challenges they face. They seem to pick and choose what to focus on and work on, which often is not what the business needs to thrive. What they prioritise and focus on often is dictated by their “comfort zone”. They subconsciously avoid gaining a rounded view of their business and seeking to fill the gaps of knowledge they have.

Become a Fashion Insider ( a glimpse into the inner workings of the fashion industry and helps newcomers instantly feel like fashion industry insiders, giving them the confidence to Earn more and succeed on their own terms.”

About Fashion Insiders & Co

Dessy Tsolova is a London-based fashion consultant, strategist, educator, author and mentor. She has worked with luxury fashion brands like Burberry, J&M Davidson, Smythson and others for over two decades and has overseen countless design ideas become products, that have generated millions of pounds in sales. She’s travelled the world visiting manufacturers and sourcing suppliers. Working for and with small and large premium brands and manufacturers has given her an unrivalled insight into an industry that is to this day opaque and secretive. Today she is the founder of Fashion Insiders & Co – an educational platform for fashion entrepreneurs and brand founders.