Sonic Bytes is a crypto marketing & software company. They are developing play to earn apps where the user can earn tokens and/or NFTs. Sonic Bytes games will support digital advertisements and the ability for coin/token/NFT companies to distribute their products.

Sonic Bytes created a fully circular ecosystem. Buyers can purchase it’s tokens and hold them. Sonic Bytes tokens will be used in their play to earn games and used for transaction fees in the games and their NFT marketplace. Advertisers can pay to place a 5 second ad in the games, a portion of the amount of the payment from the advertiser will be used to buy their token and those tokens will be given to the game players.

The key concept will be the play to earn games and advertisements will generate income to purchase the Sonic Bytes Tokens to give away in the games. This is a viable part of the ecosystem, a sustainable system creating increasing value to the Sonic Bytes Token.

The Sonic Bytes ecosystem has the power of buying, holding, purchasing and with their tokenomics which includes selling as well. Sonic Bytes gives 5% reflections to holders. The final component of this ecosystem is burning, they have an automatic 2% true burn of tokens in every transaction. This ecosystem was created to increase token value consistently.

Sonic Bytes is not only focused on token holding by holders, but they are bringing in other ways to have a sustainable purchasing system. They have a true full circle ecosystem.

Details on the sale of Sonic Bytes Tokens can be found at Join Sonic Bytes now.

Sonic Bytes

Ticker: SONIC

Contract: 0x6656336A6018dDD5314694E242BA684bbC21b574


Sonic Bytes

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