Frozen pipe repair can help prevent unexpected mold and water damage this winter season.

In the winter, your home’s pipes become vulnerable to freezing and potentially bursting. This is especially true in older homes where the pipes may not be properly insulated. PNW Restoration is proud to announce that it’s now offering repairs on your frozen pipes this winter season.

Serving areas all around Oregon, PNW Restoration is offering our 24/7 emergency services to those with frozen pipes. Pipes freeze at 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and with the state expecting the temperature to drop down into the teens in the coming weeks, there couldn’t be a better time for PNW Restoration to start offering this service. The team at PNW Restoration is currently prepping for all frozen pipe emergencies that are likely to occur in the coming weeks.

Not only does this apply to pipes that are just frozen over and unable to move water, but with their 24/7 emergency service, PNW Restoration can repair any burst pipes that may happen as a result of them freezing over at any time, day or night. PNW Restoration understands that situations such as this can happen at any time and need immediate attention when they do. They have their professionals on-call at all times to be able to answer any emergency calls that come up.

Despite this service now being available, PNW Restoration does recommend that you take precautions with the pipes in your home to prevent issues from occurring. Taking steps like keeping your thermostat on, closing your garage door, keeping cabinet doors open, and constantly running cool water can help not only prevent your pipes from freezing over but also stop more serious issues from occurring. This can help both your home and your wallet in the long run.

Burst pipes can happen at any time during the day. Because of this, you may not realize you have a leak until you return home from work or from a get-together with friends over the holiday season. If you are home when it bursts, it will sound like a car backfiring. The first thing you need to do is shut off your main water valve. Once the water has been shut off, you should make two phone calls: one to your plumber to fix the broken pipe, and the other to a professional water damage restoration company to clean up the damage.

PNW Restoration’s 24/7 emergency services are available to deal with your freezing or burst pipes. In cold temperatures, you need to take precautions with your pipes, but – understandably – some things are just out of your control. Contact us now if you’re experiencing trouble with frozen pipes.

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